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At AAMCO Minnesota our mission is to repair and maintain your car – from transmissions to electrical systems, oil changes to mufflers. We do it all so you don’t have to. One of our specialties is brakes. The technology that keeps you safe and on the move – and able to safely stop – in your car is continuously improving, and at AAMCO Minnesota we strive to keep you informed.

Computers Control the Brakesimage - computer scan and monitoring of automobile systems

Do you know someone who always steps on the imaginary brake pedal when they are in the passenger seat? Well, Automatic Braking Systems are computerized versions of that, but without the anxiety and annoying reactions to your driving. These computerized systems are automobile safety features designed to detect how far and fast the vehicle in front of you is moving, and automatically apply your car’s brakes if you do not respond in time to a sudden braking situation. The automatic braking system works to reduce the chance of a crash, as well as reduce the severity of a collision if it occurs.

Automatic braking systems are called different things, but the concept is the same.

Technically, the concept is two systems working together: forward collision warning and automatic breaking.

Forward Collision Warning (FCW)

If a collision seems to be imminent, a Forward Collision Warning (FCW) system gives an audible warning which allows the driver time to take action and possibly prevent an accident. It is strictly a warning system only, and does not take any automated measures, such as applying the brakes, to avoid or mitigate a collision.

Forward Collision Mitigation (FCM)

A Forward Collision Mitigation (FCM) system will warn the driver and slow the vehicle simultaneously. FCM should not be confused with Forward Collision Warning (FCW). A warning system will only warn the driver, but not take any automatic action to mitigate – reduce the chances or effects of – a collision. An FCM will automatically apply the vehicle’s brakes as the computer calculates the situation.

Forward Collision Avoidance (FCA)

Complete avoidance of a collision is the goal of a Forward Collision Avoidance (FCA) system. This approach is obviously the most challenging, and is probably more semantic than realistic. People like to think of avoiding a collision, so a system named as such is bound to sell better than one that simply says it will reduce the severity of a collision. Ideally, an FCA system tries to get you out of a collision altogether using technology such as automatic braking and even assisted steering. But let’s face it, you’re probably still going to crash; however, the system will make it less severe.

Systems Working Together

An automatic braking system is actually several systems that work together to achieve one of two things: collision avoidance or collision mitigation. Sensors detect and deliver situational data to a computer that calculates what is needed to brake in time and either avoid or mitigate a collision.

Automatic braking systems use laser, radar, and/or cameras to monitor driving speed and detect objects in the vehicle’s path. Some of these systems can even evaluate road conditions, such as rain or snow, and include them in their continuous calculations that allow them to be constantly on guard and prepared for a short stopping situation or possible collision.

What kind of sensors and data does the system use?

Forward collision warning and avoidance systems use radar, video, infrared and/or ultrasonic sensors to scan for possible objects in front of the vehicle, and then use automatic brake controls to prevent or mitigate a collision Elements calculated include speed, distance, conditions, and braking pressure.

Do Automatic Braking Systems Really Work?

How well these systems work has been proven through extensive track testing and actual use in a number of cars in production in the United States. Europe has seen increasing use of automatic braking systems for several years, and has mandated them in all new cars since 2015. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has made it a requirement that in order to get top safety scores, a car must have a forward-collision warning system with automatic braking.

Not all systems are the same, as different carmakers utilize different technologies and techniques to accomplish their mission of braking safety and collision warning and mitigation or avoidance. Additionally, false alerts might cause drivers to ignore the systems’ warnings, or shut the systems off altogether. But overall, the effectiveness of these systems have been proven and are here to stay – and will be standard on all cars in the U.S. by 2022.

Are The Brakes Different?image - disc brakes. assembly on a modern automobile

The mechanics of the brakes themselves are the same as on cars without automatic braking systems. Whether the driver or a computer decides the car needs to slow down or stop, the same basic parts and principles are used to actually stop your car.

  1. Brake pedal is pushed (or computer calculates and activates pressure to the piston – step 2).
  2. Piston pushes fluid to master cylinder.
  3. Master cylinder pushes fluid to slave cylinders.
  4. Slave cylinders fill and push pistons out.
  5. Pistons push calipers with brake pads.
  6. Brake pads grip rotors (discs) attached to wheels.
  7. Friction between brake pads and rotors slows wheels.
  8. Car slows down and stops.

Rotors, calipers, and brake pads are still used and still need to be checked, replaced on a regular maintenance schedule.

AAMCO Minnesota for Brake Service and Repairs

Whether your car has an automatic braking system or not, you can count on AAMCO to service and repair your brakes so your car is safe and reliable. If you have questions about your car’s brakes, road readiness, or about car repair and maintenance, AAMCO Minnesota can help. Come to AAMCO Minnesota for a Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection for your transmission and related systems. We’ll winterize your car and get you ready for the cold, snowy winter driving months ahead. We can handle all your scheduled car maintenance and repairs, from brakes to factory recommended maintenance.

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