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There are several things that can go wrong in a vehicle’s engine. Transmission issues in particular can cost a lot more than other car repair services. Everything inside your engine connects and issues that seem small can lead to a much larger problem. Some of these can be minor and fixed if found early enough, others can lead to much bigger problems, including a complete transmission repair or replace.

Less Serious Signs of an Issue

There are several issues that happen in an engine that aren’t as severe and can be fixed if caught quick enough. Whenever a car makes unusual noises, this is reason enough to get it checked out by a professional. The majority of noises that sound like a whining or clunking are attributed to the transmission in most cases. These noises will get very loud the worse the transmission gets.

One obvious issue a car will run across is a fluid leak. If you notice there is fluid on the ground under your car, be sure get it checked for a hole or low fluid levels. Transmission fluid does not burn off, so if the level is low, you more than likely have a leak. Holes can typically be patched up easily if caught early enough. Also, if the car refuses to go into gear, there may be an issue with the fluid level as well or type of fluid that was used for your specific vehicle.

Your check engine light on the dashboard is another indicator that something is going wrong. While this is not always the case for the transmission, that light could possibly be pointing toward something in your engine that is not functioning correctly and may lead to transmission issues.

Issues that are More Serious

Problems that are pointing to a more serious breakdown need to be checked out immediately before you put yourself and others in danger. A car should only change gears when the driver puts it in a different gear. If the gears switch themselves while driving, you have a very serious issue of gears slipping. If the car starts to shake or jerk when changing gears, you probably have a problem with the transmission as well, which can escalate quickly.

When your transmission starts to make noise while it’s in neutral, this will also lead to a serious problem. Hopefully, there is a simple fix with the transmission fluid, however, you may have to replace parts internally that have worn out before the entire transmission needs to be replaced. If you experience a burning smell, check that the transmission fluid is not overheating. If this is happening, the fluid will break down and ultimately lead to the transmission breaking down. 

Lower the Chances of Creating an Issue

There are little steps you can take to prevent the transmission from failing or slow the process of wear over time. As you can see, several issues start with the transmission fluid. Make sure you have the correct type of transmission fluid for your car. Also, check that the transmission fluid is filled and the level does not get too low. This will prevent a lot of issues along with help you recognize warning signs.

Depending on the vehicle you drive and type of transmission, there are different ways to get to your transmission fluid to check it. See the owner’s manual to figure out how to access the fluid inside the engine. When checking your transmission fluid, it is best to do when the car has been driven around for a bit and the engine is warm.

If you are experiencing any sort of issues with your engine that may lead to a Transmission Repair, visit a local AAMCO Minnesota immediately to diagnose the issue. Before you are left with a larger problem, Schedule an Appointment now with an experienced auto mechanic at AAMCO.


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