Severe Driving Schedule for Car Maintenance - AAMCO MinnesotaEvery vehicle includes a normal maintenance schedule and a severe maintenance schedule. It is important to know which you should be following according to your manufacturer’s recommendations to prevent wear and tear as much as possible and extend the life of your car. There are several vehicle driving situations and vehicle types that require severe maintenance to be performed. The maintenance schedule will tell you how often each car maintenance service should be completed.

How to Identify Yourself as a Severe or Normal Driver

It has been said that that only about twenty percent of most drivers are actually classified as normal drivers. Many of us don’t realize we actually drive under severe conditions and should be following a separate maintenance schedule for our vehicle. Some main reasons to follow this schedule include: extreme weather, taking short trips or trips in stop and go traffic, and driving while towing something heavy.

If you think you fall under any of these reasons, there are ways to easily classify each. For extreme weather you are considered a severe driver with any of these conditions:

  • If the climate where you live is high in humidity
  • Has very dusty areas
  • Has high temperatures above 90 degrees as well as low temperatures below 10 degrees

When taking short trips, if you take these trips frequently and most of the time they are under 5 miles, then you should follow a severe schedule. Also, if your trips are frequently in stop and go traffic such as rush hour, this will qualify you as well.

Types of Vehicles that are Considered Severe

Not only vehicles that fall under these conditions can be considered severe drivers. Other than the conditions above, if you drive in areas that are more difficult for your car to get around such as the mountains, you can be considered as well for severe maintenance.

Another group of vehicles that are considered for special maintenance include several different service vehicles and fleet vehicles. Some of these vehicles can include tow trucks, police cars, cab drivers, delivery vehicles, and more. If you are in any of these industries, you rely on your car all day every day to get you around for work and it is important it stays in good driving condition. Many of these fleets will have a preventative maintenance schedule set up to service these vehicles so they are never left out of commission.

Specifications of a Severe Driving Maintenance Schedule

In most cases, if you are a severe driver, you can find the severe maintenance schedule in the owner’s manual for your car. It is important to have the maintenance performed on time by an expert auto mechanic to prevent long term engine wear, breakdowns, and avoid an eventual transmission repair if possible. 

For the most part, this specific severe schedule focuses on maintenance for the car’s fluids including engine oil, transmission oil, etc. You will see that the majority of these oil changes will differ from a normal maintenance schedule, specifically by how often you are required to have the service performed. The severe driving maintenance schedule will recommend how long you can go or how many miles you can drive before you need to bring your car in to an auto repair shop.

If you’re confused whether you fall under the Factory Recommended Maintenance schedule for normal driving or need to follow a severe maintenance schedule, visit an AAMCO Minnesota location to find out. When it is time to have your vehicle’s fluids changed out, Schedule an Appointment with us!


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