Prepare Your Car in Winter

It is a known fact that winters in Minnesota can be brutal. There are all sorts of suggestions available that revolve around to prepareing for this time of year in Minnesota. Some of which surround the idea of preparing your vehicle for the Minnesota winter months. If you want to prolong the life of your car or not kill your car entirely, it is important to pay attention to these suggestions.

Many ideas surround the ideaare focused around of making sure the little things are prepared on your vehicle to avoid larger issues. These can include anything from maintaining your tires down to your windshield wipers. Just as important as this, is making sure your engine is ready to take on the colder temperatures. There are several maintenance steps to consider when trying to avoid a larger breakdown.

You also want to make sure you are taking precautions to make sure your car runs properly when it’s cold out and t. These can be very little things that many of us don’t think about. Taking the extra time to cover all your basis bases can help evade the larger, more costly repairs that Minnesota winters can cause on the cost of your car.

How to Winterize Your Vehicle

One of the most important steps to take before winter gets here is making sure you have the proper windshield wipers, such as winter blades, to battle the snow and ice that winters can bring. You will most likely be going through a lot of windshield wiper fluid, so get the good stuff. You want to have backup in your car as well just in case and always keep an ice scraper handy.

Another extremely crucial part to pay attention to are your tires. Since Minnesota winters can come with a lot of ice, making it dangerous to drive, winter tires can come in very handy. Make sure whatever tires you choose, they have good tread on them to grip the road. Not having to proper tires can also cause your car to have other problems. Another tire option are all-season tires that you can use year- round, including winter time.

Some other little things to check on your car include the lights. Making sure your headlights are working properly is huge so that you can see easier, depending on weather conditions, and people can see you. You will also need to makeMake sure the lights are clean on the surface too. One other suggestion that can beis very useful, is to keep an emergency kit in your car. This can come in handy if you ever are stranded on the side of the road during a winter storm and may even save a life.

How to Prepare Your Engine for the Winter

Another important recommendation to pay attention to that many don’t think about before winter approaches, is making sure your engine is properly taken care of before the low temperatures start. Most vehicles have a harder time getting started on colder days, which can be very hard on your engine. You should be aware of what could go wrong with your engine and prepare ahead of time.

One of the first steps is to prepare your engine with the correct engine oil. In a place like Minnesota where the winters can be colder, you should use thinner oil. Always refer to the owner’s manual for suggested oil that your car takes in particular. Also, make sure you have the correct coolant. The coolant isn’t just to prevent overheating but to keep the engine from corroding. Coolants should have the correct ration of fluid to water in it, which can actually lower the freezing level.

A big part to your engine to keep your car running smoothly is a good battery. In the cold air, the battery capacity can lowerdecrease. Make sure it is all connected properly and the battery is in good working condition; if not, get it replaced so it is not weak. Your transmission is also an important part of the engine that can fail quickly, so make sure the fluid is filled to the proper level at all times during winter months depending on the suggested maintenance for your vehicle.  

Taking Precautions in the Winter Months

There are several smaller actions you can take to prevent your car from breaking down in the cold winters like Minnesota has. Always make sure to follow these even if they require more effort. It can really lower the probability of a costly fix and is worth your time in the end.

As you may know, cars have a harder time starting in the mornings after sitting all night or when sitting for hours during a cold day. You should take the time to go out and turn your car on early so it can warm up before you put it into gear. Some suggest around ten minutes to allow your car to get going. Many newer cars actually warm up better if you drive around slowly, but you should only do this if your windows are clear and it is safe to drive. You should always take the time to clean your car off completely in the mornings as well, getting all snow off of every surface including, side mirrors.

A couple other smaller ideas to keep in mind are to not run the electrical systems for too long. This can prolong the function of your car overall. Make sure you turn off back window defrosters as soon as the window has cleared. Also, try to avoid running the heater on high for too long, make sure to turn it down as needed. Another thing you can do is turn off all things running before starting your engine such as the heater, lights, and wipers to avoid overworking your engine.

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