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During the winter time and extreme cold, it is no mystery that your vehicle will experience lowered performance while driving. From starting up slower to the engine not being as powerful, several problems begin to present themselves in the winter.

To avoid a negative impact on your car’s engine, make sure to take it in to an auto repair shop for a tune-up before it is too late. A tune-up service will check several of your vehicle’s engine systems and make proper adjustments to keep it functioning at the highest performance level for winter driving.  

How Winter Affects Your Engine

The cold weather can cause several noticeable glitches while your vehicle is running. Most cars have a hard time starting up in the cold, which can be related to the ignition system. This system connects to several other parts of your engine including the fuel system. To avoid complications with your internal systems, make sure and have them checked out by a professional mechanic early.

You may have noticed during the winter months that your vehicle can misfire easier, idle roughly, has a lack of power, makes unusual noises, or reduced fuel economy. These can be a simple side effect of the cold temperatures, but it may also be the cold amplifying issues that already existed with your car. It is important to get a tune-up before winter comes so your engine is running properly with no problems that may get worse in the wintertime.

What is a Tune-Up & When is it Needed?

A car tune-up focuses particularly on the systems in your engine that contribute to fuel combustion and usage. These systems may require an inspection and making any adjustments necessary to keep it running smoothly. The ignition system, fuel system, and computer system work collectively to keep your car running efficiently. It is best to have these serviced before winter arrives and every car has a suggested interval for tune-up services as part of your recommended vehicle maintenance schedule. 

All these systems have several parts to them that a tune-up service will fix if needed. The ignition system works along with the spark plugs and spark plug wires, which will be checked out and new ones installed if needed. These parts connect to your distributor cap and a tune-up will examine this as well. A good tune-up service will include a comprehensive performance check to make sure your computer systems are functioning properly and you have no drivability trouble codes that may exist.  

Improved Performance with an Auto Tune-Up

A vehicle that has been properly tuned up will positively change how your car drives during the winter. By tuning the fuel systems, you will increase your gas mileage, and as a point of reference, it’s time to service your car when the gas mileage decreases by 10% or more. You will also see an increase in the car’s overall performance, increase its lifespan, and decrease the chances for future repairs.

Once you have taken your car in for a tune-up service, you will notice it starts quicker, runs better, has higher gas mileage, and lower emissions. Altogether, it is smart to get this done before it gets colder outside and these things begin to give you trouble. An early checkup can help you avoid your engine being less powerful while driving on snow and even gives the advantage of protecting the environment.

Before the temperature drops severely, take your vehicle in for an Auto Tune-Up Service now at any AAMCO Minnesota location near you. Schedule an Appointment today to have a qualified AAMCO mechanic inspect your car to keep it running at optimal performance during the winter.



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