How do you know if you have transmission problems?

Here are five ways you can tell if your transmission needs to checked.

Some simple warning signs that the transmission is having problems:

  • Transmission is slow to respond when shifting
  • Grinding, shaking, vibrating
  • Won’t go into gear
  • Slipping between gears
  • Burning smell and transmission overheating

These are symptoms of problems that could cost you a lot of money if you don’t get to a mechanic and have them checked out.

Slow Response or Delay in Shifting

If your car hesitates or does not go into gear, this is a definite sign of trouble in your transmission. If there is a delay when shifting into or out of park, you should make an appointment with your local AAMCO Minnesota transmission repair center. Manual transmissions can have the same lag in response issue, but after shifting into gear the engine will rev to really high RPM’s, but the car won’t move as fast as it sound like it should be going. This could be a clutch problem, or something more serious.

Grinding, Shaking and Other Bad Vibrations

Your car is supposed to run smoothly, without any drama like shaking or jolting, or grinding sounds and vibrating. For manual transmissions, if your car is going into gear with difficulty and making grinding noises, or if it feels like it’s gears are grinding as they engage, it’s a sign that the transmission is in need of some serious attention from a certified AAMCO technician.Image of automatic transmission internals, lots of gears, cogs interlocking.

An automatic transmission is more subtle in its signals, but they are unmistakable. Transitions into gear and between gears will cause some vibration at first; but then, as the problem persists, gear changes become more jarring and cause shaking. You should take your car to an AAMCO shop to be checked and serviced.

Transmission Won’t Go Into Gear

If the car will not shift after engaging the clutch and trying to move the stick, check the transmission fluid level. Also make sure you’re using the right type, or thickness, of fluid. The source of the problem could even be the car’s computer system. If you’ve already inspected the fluid, try resetting the car’s computer by detaching the battery for thirty minutes. After you reattach the battery the system should reset itself. It might take up 30 minutes for the system to reset, so make sure you have plenty of time. If these steps don’t work, then it’s time to take it to AAMCO.

Gears Slipping

If the car slips in and out of gear or pops into neutral while you’re driving, you’re facing a serious safety issue. The transmission should stay in gear until a shift is performed (manually or automatically). When you step on the gas, you need – expect – power to be delivered to the wheels, especially while you’re in motion and facing potentially dangerous situations. If you are experience gears slipping like this, you need to go AAMCO immediately. Do not ignore this issue and hope it goes away. Call or schedule an appointment online today!Image - woman looking at engine overheated and smoking, hood up.

Burning Smell – Hot Transmission

Any smell of something burning from your car is not a good sign. Transmission fluid keeps the parts lubricated and cool so they don’t wear out prematurely and break down, potentially ruining the entire transmission. If the fluid overheats and breaks down, the transmission will run too hot and give off a burning smell. The extreme heat will result in increased friction and buildup of sludge and potential debris. Take heed, because if it goes on too long, the transmission will be damaged and possibly break down completely. Many times this is due to low fluid levels or incorrect fluid types – two other issues which should be self-evident if you are sure to regularly check the transmission fluid as recommended by your owner’s manual.

AAMCO Minnesota Transmission Repair Can Help

image of smiling AAMCO mechanic, symbol of trust, quality.At AAMCO Minnesota we take great care to keep you informed about your car and all its systems, as well as keep your car on the road with scheduled maintenance services and repairs, including full transmission repairs and rebuilds. Here are five common transmission problems you should be aware of. If you experience any of these issues, schedule an appointment with your local AAMCO Minnesota Transmission Repair and Total Car Care center. Come to AAMCO Minnesota for a Transmission Multi Point Vehicle Courtesy Check for your transmission and related systems. We’ll diagnose any issues with your transmission and fix it quickly and correctly to get you back on the road. We can handle all your scheduled car maintenance and repairs, from oil changes to factory recommended maintenance.

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image of transmission in 800 Pieces in midair cool special effects of all the pieces of an engine.Related: Watch this video and learn why there is only one place to go – AAMCO.
We’re the transmission experts with over 50 years of experience rebuilding and replacing transmissions, and all their 800 pieces. We’ve fixed over 40 million transmissions – way more than our competitors. And we offer a lifetime warranty. Because we have the skill to fix an 800-piece transmission, we can easily fix the rest of your car – brakes, shocks, mufflers, even your engine. Lots of things can make your engine light come on. Today it can be hard to tell what’s wrong with your car, especially if it’s your transmission. Our technicians are trained to keep up with the complex engineering of today’s cars. So, next time something goes wrong with your transmission or any other part of your car, bring it to your local AAMCO.

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