Most drivers use their car’s air conditioning in the summer.

So why would you need to run the air conditioning in your car when it’s cold out?

Running your car’s air conditioning periodically can help to prolong its life, as well as provide important safety benefits during the winter months.


Not Just for Cooling

Your car’s air conditioning system is not just for cooling.

It’s a common misconception that your cars air conditioning system is only for cooling down the air in your car when it’s hot out. Your air conditioning system does exactly what the name implies – conditions the air inside the vehicle. Your car’s A.C. system pushes dry air out of your vents and defroster.


Winter Safety

In cold, wet, winter weather conditions you might notice your car windows fogging up more often.

Foggy winter road warning
The mixture of cold outside air, your damp clothes and shoes, and your warm breath causes the inside of your car to get very humid. This results in your windows getting covered in condensation.

The goal of your defroster is to defog your windows – in other words, to remove that condensation.

In order for your defroster to work most efficiently the air coming out of your vents needs to be as dry as possible. Your car’s air conditioning acts as a dehumidifier as it blows out dry air.

Being able to quickly defog your windows in the winter will help provide you with better visibility and keep you safe.

AAMCO Minnesota’s car air conditioning repair services can help keep you cool in the summer and fog-free in the winter – find a location near you to schedule an appointment.


Bacteria and Mold

Bacteria and mold can build up in your car’s air conditioning system if it is not regularly used.

If you’ve ever turned on your A.C. after not using it for a while and noticed a bad odor coming out of your vents – you guessed it, that’s mold.

Run the A.C. every so often especially during the winter months when condensation can accumulate in your car. This will dry out that condensation, preventing mold and bacteria from growing in your air vents.


Prolonging the Life of Your A.C.

Your car’s air conditioning system is built with parts that are made to move.

The moving parts in your car’s air conditioning can be compared to the human body – if you don’t use it regularly then parts may begin to seize.

Your air conditioning system contains refrigerant and oils.

These fluids need to be circulated regularly to keep the moving parts of the system lubricated. If you aren’t using your A.C. for months at a time then the lubricant can’t reach those parts, which can lead to costly repairs down the road.

We suggest running your A.C. for about 10 minutes on high every few weeks to keep the coolant circulating through the system.


Winter Safety with AAMCO Minnesota

Though the cooling features of your A.C. might not be needed in winter months, running your A.C. periodically throughout the season still has its benefits. Consider running your air conditioning periodically throughout the winter as part of the regular maintenance of your car.

Don’t end up with unexpected repair costs – come into your local AAMCO Minnesota location today for an appointment with one of our air conditioning repair specialists. Be sure to take advantage of our free winter safety check to keep you and your family safe on the road this winter.


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